Infrared Thermometer


Infrared Thermometer




  • Enables quick measurement of surface temperature without touching the object
  • Large measuring range from -50°C to 550°C
  • Easily identify the measured area with the visible circular 8 laser dot projection
  • Distance spot ratio 8:1. Which means at 8M distance you will measure 1M⌀area
  • Ease of use with one button operation
  • Internal switch to choose from C° to F°
  • Sound alarm will indicate when the thermometer gun starts to measure
  • Maintain a continuous reading by keeping the trigger engaged

Product Description

The Ryobi Infrared Thermometer offers an easy and intuitive way of measuring temperatures in °C or °F without the need for physical probes. It highlights an 8 circular laser dot projection to indicate the exact measured area and displays the measurement on screen. With a large measuring range from -50°C to 550°C you can use this tool around the home to test a vents output, detect hot spots, measure temperature in electrical boxes, detect excessive heat in your vehicles brakes, monitor tyre temperature on long trips and test for blockages in a radiator and many other applications. Featuring a distance spot ration of 8:1; which means at 8 metres distance you will measure a 1 metre diameter area.

This product requires a 9V battery (included).

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