What drill bits are best for wood?

What drill bits are best for wood?

There are more than 5 different types of drill bits available but the 5 most common bits used by DIYers are:

  1. Twist Drill Bits – for drilling materials such as wood, plastic, plasterboard
  2. Wood Spade Bits – sometimes known as flat bits
  3. Wood Auger Bits – spiral in design used for drilling holes in wood
  4. Hole Saws – various types available for drilling wood, metal, plastic, tiles, or masonry 
  5. Masonry Drill Bits – for drilling brickwork or concrete

If you are not sure where to begin, the Ryobi RAKDD100 100pc Drilling & Driving Set includes several types of Twist Drill Bits suitable for drilling metal, wood and plastic as well as Masonry Bits and Spade Wood Bits covering all of the most typical DIY tasks around the home.

Wood Drill Bits Explained

  • What drill bits are best for wood?

Selecting the best drill bits for wood will depend on the diameter of the hole you need to drill and how thick the material you are drilling is. 

  • Brad Point wood drill bits are great for most hole diameters up to 12mm
  • Spade Wood Bits are great for most hole diameters up to 32mm
  • Holesaws are great for larger diameters from 32mm up to over 100mm
  • How can you tell if a drill bit is for wood?

A standard wood drill bit will typically have sharper edges on the flute and always feature a sharp brand point at the end of the bit.  This is to allow you to start the drill bit in the exact position you want to drill the hole without the risk of the drill bit skidding off.  These drill bits are usually made from carbon steel, which is ideal for wood drilling, but not for drilling other materials.

  • How to tell if a drill bit is for metal or wood?

Typically, the product packaging will explain which materials can be drilled with the particular bit.  If you no longer have the packaging, then a wood bit usually has a sharp point on the drilling end which helps the bit bite into the wood and not stray away from the drilling area.  These bits are designed specifically for drilling wood so are not suited for drilling other materials. 

Metal drill bits can either be black, silver, or brass/bronze, with a different point geometry on the end.  They can still be used to drill wood but are best suited to drilling metal materials.  The Ryobi RAK18DMIX 18pc Mixed Drilling Set includes several of the most common HSS metal drill bit sizes for most DIY tasks around the home.

Brick Drill Bits

  • What is the best drill bit for drilling brick?

It is important to know which type of drill bit is best used for masonry, to get the best results.

A good quality masonry drill bit with a carbide tip will allow you to drill multiple holes in masonry material.  You can usually purchase individual drill bits of specific sizes however a mixed set is typically better value for money. 

The Ryobi RAK18DMIX 18pc mixed drilling set includes several of the most common masonry drill bit sizes to allow you to complete the most usual masonry drilling tasks around the home.

Impact Driver Drill Bits

  • What drill bits do I need for impact driver?

While not the best tool for drilling holes, impact drivers can be useful in some cases for this purpose.  You will need an impact-rated bit with a 1/4" hex shank which allows the bit to be locked into the impact driver’s chuck.  These bits are typically High Speed Steel (HSS) which is ideal for drilling metal but can also drill wood and plastic well. This type of drill bit isn't very common so can usually be purchased from specialist tool/hardware retailers.

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