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Shop the range of cordless hedge trimmers from Ryobi. Our hedge trimmer range includes cordless long reaching hedge trimmers, extendable reach hedge trimmers and more.

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Shop the range of cordless hedge trimmers from Ryobi. Our hedge trimmer range includes cordless long reaching hedge trimmers, extendable reach hedge trimmers and more.

Depend On a Cordless Hedge Trimmer To Get The Job Done

Do you need a cordless hedge trimmer for your garden tasks? When it comes to hard-to-reach hedges and dense shrubs, a hedge trimmer (or hedge cutter) certainly has its benefits. A cordless hedge trimmer from Ryobi will produce a clean and consistent cut all over your hedge and is much quicker than using manual methods such as garden shears. As part of the Ryobi 18V ONE+™ system of over 200 cordless tools for the home, garden, automotive, crafting and more, Ryobi’s range of battery hedge trimmers are perfect for maintaining and shaping your garden’s boundary hedge, dense shrubs and grasses.

Our range of battery-operated hedge trimers also has a variety of safety features making them a great gardening tool for your collection:
  • Anti-jamming system – immediately stops the blades from moving due to a blockage and auto reverses the blade direction to quickly dislodged items
  • Safety stop brake - ensures blades stop instantly after use
  • Hand guards – protecting the hands from slipping and debris
  • HedgeSweep™ - Ryobi’s innovative attachment for quick and easy removal of clippings

  • Cordless Hedge Cutters from Ryobi

    Deciding which hedge trimmer is the best for your garden will depend on the job at hand. Gauging how big and dense the type of hedge is that needs to be trimmed, will help you to choose the most suitable hedge cutter for the task.

    Keep your shrubbery in shape with the Ryobi 45cm Hedge Trimmer, the best cordless hedge trimmer to buy for smaller hedges, as it is lightweight but still has a cut capacity of 18mm. Or for hardy and larger species of hedge will suit the Ryobi High Performance Brushless Hedge Trimmer with a larger 60cm bar, 26mm cut capacity and more power. Tall hedge? The Ryobi 18V 50cm Extended Reach Hedge Trimmer with a four-position articulating head makes light work of the hardest-to-reach areas.

    How To Choose The Best Electric Hedge Trimmer For You

    Here is a list of desirable hedge trimmer features to consider when deciding which is the best option for you:
  • Battery - A cordless battery powered Ryobi ONE+™ hedge trimmer benefits from a one-battery fits-all tool to tackle all heavy-duty garden tasks and up to 80 minutes of hedge cutting on a single charge.
  • Cut - Cut capacity will determine the thickness of branches it can cut, ranging from 16mm to 28mm in the Ryobi hedge trimmer collection.
  • Cordless - Avoid limitations by going for a Ryobi cordless hedge trimmer to manoeuvre around the garden with ease.
  • Weight - Hand-held hedge trimmers vary in weight; choosing Ryobi’s ergonomic features and lightweight design combine comfort and easy handling.
  • Reach - An extended reach hedge trimmer makes easy work of trimming hard-to-reach hedges and shrubs.

  • Each model of hedge trimmer will have a different specification. It is recommended that you check the capabilities of each model carefully before going ahead with the job for the peak performance of your rechargeable hedge trimmer.

    Hedge Trimmers FAQs

    What is the runtime on Ryobi cordless hedge trimmers and cutters?
    Choosing a cordless Ryobi ONE+™ hedge trimmer means you will benefit from runtime of up to 80 minutes. The running time does vary across our range of battery powered hedge trimmers though so be sure to review the product specifications.

    How think a stem or branch can electric hedge trimmers cut?
    The cut capacity across our range of lightweight hedge trimmers and cutters varies from 16mm through to 28mm. Be sure to review the description and specifications on each product page for more information.

    What is the difference between a hedge trimmer and hedge cutter? Hedge trimmers and hedge cutters are ultimately the same thing. Different regions within the UK and different companies may have a naming preference but they are all referring to the same category of product.

    Are petrol or battery hedge trimmers better?
    Cordless, battery powered hedge trimmers are the better choice for most domestic gardens. They’re lightweight, economical, much easier to start up and quieter.

    Ask The Hedge Trimmer Experts
    If you have further questions about hedge trimmers (or hedge cutters), our friendly expert team can help. Contact us today.