Revive your lawn

Your garden may have been deserted for a few months but it's now time to start getting it ready for summer. And a healthy green lawn will bring your outdoor space to life! Here are our top tips on how to get that lush green lawn. 

Create your lawn (Late March) 

Consider if your grass needs to be replanted? Is it beyond saving and do you need to start fresh? 

First step is to spray weed killer with our 18V ONE+™ Cordless Weed sprayer which pressurises with the touch of a button, removing fatigue from manually pumping to pressurise. Remove rocks and weeds and turn over the soil. We recommend making light work and using our 18V ONE+™ Cordless Cultivator. 

Next step is to decide if you are using turf or sowing your own seeds? 18V ONE+™ Cordless Seed Spreader holds up to 4L of seeds and can get you finished quickly! 

Maintain your lawn (April - September)

Using your 18V ONE+™ Cordless Seed Spreader you can also feed your lawn with fertiliser directly after you have cut the grass. This means it has time to get into the roots before being distured by the next mow. Make sure you water your lawn regularly! Watering should be done around once a week depending on how damp your garden is. 

Aerate your lawn (Late March - April)

Our 18V ONE+™ Brushless 35cm Scarifier is perfect for maintaining lawn health by removing thatch and moss. The Scarifier gently perforates the soil to breathe life back into your lawn and promote growth by allowing water and nutrients to reach the soil underneath instead of sitting on top of the surface. 

Mow your lawn (March-October)

We have lots of different mowers for all garden sizes!

When mowing your lawn, always remember;

  • Do not remove over a third of the grass length in a single occasion

  • Each run up your lawn should slightly overlap the previous one. This will ensure no areas are missed

  • Work slowly if the grass is damp or if your grass is especially long, as it will be delicate and much more susceptible to damage

Protect your lawn (March - November)

Make sure you keep on top of ensuring leaves and debris are regularly cleared from your whole garden to keep your lawn looking good. Our 18V ONE+ HP Cordless Brushless Blower-Vac makes easy work of keeping on top of your mess all year long!

Enjoy your lawn!

Now that you have the tools and the knowledge of how to get your lawn ready tag us in your garden progress!