4V Cordless Hot Cutter (1x 4V 2.0Ah)


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  • The Hot Cutter is perfect for cutting different types of foam used for model making and craft
  • The Hot Cutter is powered by a USB Lithium™ battery which is compatible with any other tool in the range
  • The tip heats up to 270 °C in under two minutes
  • Included is three attachments: wire tip, engraving tip and knife tip
  • An ergonomic pen like grip combined with a rubber overmold makes the Hot Cutter comfortable to use
  • As part of the USB Lithium™ system of compact tools for around the home, this tool can be powered by any USB Lithium™ battery!

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Product Description

As part of our latest 4V USB Lithium cordless range, the RHC4-120G 4V Hot Foam Cutter is perfect for model makers, crafters and DIYers alike and is suited for seamlessly cutting through polystyrene, foam board, PVC, polyester, or nylon.

This groundbreaking tool boasts specially designed attachments that rapidly heat up to 450°C, enabling smooth cuts without scorching. These attachments are not only efficient but also effortlessly attach and detach. The knife cutter is perfect for the precision cutting of fabrics and ropes, the hook cutter is ideal for gouging out materials and creating dents, the shallow cutter is great for detailed carving, lettering, shaping, and the deep cutter is designed for deep, straight cuts and the bow cutter enables easy manoeuvring for curves and circular cuts.

Additionally, this tool features a Heat Indicator, allowing users to gauge when it reaches the desired temperature. For safety, it comes with a Heat Guard to protect against accidental burns and for added convenience, a rubber over mould handle ensures comfort and control in every situation.

Whether you're crafting a masterpiece or re-upholstering tired furniture the RHC4-120G 4V Hot Foam Cutter's quick and easy attachment fitting will have you creating crisp clean cuts in seconds! Using a 2.0Ah battery (included), the Ryobi RHC4-120G provides up to 30 minutes of cutting foam on a single charge.

This 4V Starter Kit comes equipped with a USB charging cable and the 4V 2.0Ah battery can be interchanged between any of our expanding 4V USB Lithium Tools range.

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How long will my tool run for?

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