4V USB Lithium™ 2.0Ah Battery




  • USB Lithium™ 4V 2.0Ah Lithium ion battery
  • Charge by connecting the USB-C port to a power source or inserting into a USB Lithium ported charger
  • As a part of the USB Lithium™ system, RB420 can be used in any of the USB Lithium™ range of tools

Product Description

As part of our latest 4V USB Lithium cordless range, the RB420 4V USB Lithium 2.0Ah Battery will keep your favourite tools powered for longer.

This innovative battery is equipped with a convenient fuel gauge LED indicator, which provides at-a-glance information about its current battery level. When it's green, you've got a full battery ready to power your tools and tackle your tasks. When it's yellow, you're at the halfway mark, and when it turns red, it's time for a recharge. With this clear visual cue, you'll always know where you stand with your power supply when using your tools from the Ryobi 4V USB Lithium range .

Upgrade your cordless tools with the RB420 4V USB LITHIUM 2.0Ah Battery - the ultimate combination of extended runtime.

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How long will my battery take to charge?

USB-C cable ChargerCharge Time80

Approximate charge time in minutes


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