18V ONE+™ Cordless Combi Drill & Torch Starter Kit (2 x 2.0Ah)


18V ONE+™ Cordless Combi Drill & Torch Starter Kit (2 x 2.0Ah)


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  • Cordless percussion drill ideal for drilling in wood or metal, driving screws or even drilling in masonry thanks to the hammer function
  • 13mm ratcheting chuck for improved bit gripping strength and durability
  • 2 gears to control the max speed to match different materials and applications
  • 24 torque settings help to drive screws flush every time
  • LED lights up your work area for better visibility

Product Description

As part of the Ryobi ONE+™ system of over 200 cordless tools for the home, garden, automotive, crafting and much more, the Ryobi 18V ONE+™ R18PD3-2C20SLF Cordless Combi Drill & Torch Starter Kit is the perfect power tool set for drilling and screwdriving into wood, metal, plastic and masonry - day or night.

The combi drill is a great all-rounder and will come in useful for most DIY tasks. Its 13mm (½in) chuck and 50Nm of torque allows the use of larger drill bits making it more versatile in a wider range of tasks. If you’re looking to build a shed or put some shelves up on a brick wall, this a great drill for tasks that require any drilling or screwdriving. Featuring a two-speed gearbox with 24-torque settings allows the user to adjust the power and speed to match the material and task.

This handy starter kit also includes an 18V ONE+™ LED torch which can sit flat on a worktop or be hung to flood the working area with white light. Use in-the-home during a power cut or away from home e.g. camping, with a range of up to 20 metres.

Using a 2.0Ah battery (included), the Ryobi R18PD3-2C20SLF can drive up to 600 4x32mm wood screws with the combi drill or run for up to 14 hours when used with the torch. This is a starter kit - 2x2.0ah Compact Lithium+ batteries and charger are included.

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4 x 32mm screws driven

13 x 50mm holes drilled in wood


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