Brushless Technology is here and it’s taking the DIY Market by storm!

The #1 consumer power tools system just got a whole lot better! Ryobi’s ONE+ System always pride themselves on producing the best products with the most innovative technology year on year and once again, Ryobi have designed a drill which can do more!


BRUSHLESS technology is a major breakthrough for consumer tools and here are the benefits:


• Up to 40% more runtime

• Up to 20% more power

• Up to 10X more durable


Ryobi’s BRUSHLESS drills will deliver previously unseen levels of power, runtime and durability to help the DIY’er do more and do it quicker.


“Our global team of engineers have packed this drill with the most advanced technology available to DIY’ers. We are confident users will love it!” says Dan Arthurs, Product Manager for Ryobi.


Ryobi’s new BRUSHLESS drills are packed with the latest innovative technologies. It’s not just a new motor, there’s an on board computer that controls the highly sophisticated electronics, state of the art Lithium+ battery technology and an electronically controlled clutch. The combination of these innovative technologies working together optimises the tools output to deliver a huge performance increase.

How it Works

BRUSHLESS motors have no brushes, and thus no physical contact that could lead to frictional energy losses. Instead the motor is turned inside out with permanent neo magnets spinning and advanced electronic controls charging electromagnetic coils around them.

BRUSHLESS motors are also incredibly good at heat dispersal. The motor is no longer contained inside a metal can; instead BRUSHLESS drills use a frameless construction inside the drill housing to hold the motor in place. The copper windings (which get really hot) are now nearer the air vents and it’s easier for heat to dissipate.


Add in to the equation the more compact design which allows for a larger fan and it’s easy to understand how the motor runs cooler and lasts longer. Power and efficiency savings in BRUSHLESS motors allows for a more powerful, durable, compact and ergonomic drill overall.

BRUSHLESS is intelligent technology. It works by using electronics to control the motor, instead of relying on physical connections. The rotor is made from permanent neo magnets which are smaller and twice as powerful. With BRUSHLESS you can get more performance out of a smaller tool!


Switching to a BRUSHLESS motor doesn’t automatically boost a tool’s performance. The motor, electronics and battery technology all need to work together in a highly refined system to achieve the power and runtime increases which users crave. The key to unlocking this added performance is very complex electronic controls. Not all BRUSHLESS drills are the same (even if their motors are similar) as the level of sophistication in the electronic system dictates the performance of the tool.




Traditional brushed motors have carbon brushes in them, energy flows through them in physical contact with the rotor which spins. This causes heat, sparking and friction; Brushes waste energy and eventually wear out. BRUSHLESS is designed to do so much more! 


The precise computerized control of the motor has huge runtime benefits. Drills can be optimised for maximum efficiency during common DIY applications. This is where the BRUSHLESS drills really deliver! When you upgrade to a BRUSHLESS drill, you can drill 397 16mm holes compared to 276* holes using the same battery on a brushed drill! Ryobi’s ONE+ system gives users the tools to get more done per charge!


Speaking to Dan Arthurs, Product Manager for Ryobi he tells us how TTi has always invested heavily in electronics and is a key area of expertise for them. They are in a great strategic position to apply a global team of engineers with huge amount of expertise to develop BRUSHLESS for the consumer. In use is where you really feel the benefit of BRUSHLESS technology as he goes on to say: “Our advanced electronics constantly monitor and fine tune performance depending on the application, which means a top line increase in max torque AND a real difference in performance which is what really matters to our users.”


That’s why Ryobi BRUSHLESS technology is such a breakthrough!

ONE+ System

Included in Ryobi’s BRUSHLESS range are a new compact Drill Driver and Percussion Drill which are also new additions to Ryobi’s ONE+ System where 1 battery powers over 40 power and garden tools. To find out more please visit our Ryobi TV YouTube channel to view the BRUSHLESS Playlist or visit



If you have further questions, need further material or want to discuss further features, please don’t hesitate to contact:

The Ryobi UK Team | contact.uk@ryobitools.eu



RYOBI® power tools are backed by the RYOBI® 2-year warranty.

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