Ryobi® amplifies the power of the ONE+ System with new 5.0Ah Lithium+ Battery!


The ONE+ system – where 1 battery powers over 40 power and garden tools - just got a whole lot better! Ryobi® launches the FIRST consumer 5.0Ah batteries providing the #1 cordless system in the DIY market with even more runtime.


The NEW 5.0Ah battery pack from Ryobi® offers the longest runtime in the DIY market and enables DIY’ers to work continuously for longer without the need to recharge the battery. Users will love the NEW 5.0Ah battery as they unlock up to 25% more run-time versus the previous market leading 4.0Ah Lithium+ battery pack.

The ONE+ system can be powered by a range of Lithium+ batteries. Lithium+ is advanced battery technology which is revolutionising the DIY market. When the user places a new Lithium+ pack on to their existing power tool they will see:


• An increase in power

• Increase of application completion speed

• Improved battery durability

• A full protection system to safeguard durability of battery and power tool

• Unrivalled levels of runtime


That's why Ryobi® is the brand of choice for millions of DIY’ers, families and homeowners! Ryobi® understands that the key to a great cordless tool is the perfect combination of power source, electronics and design.


High Power Cells

Lithium+ batteries use special high power cells, developed exclusively for power tool applications and designed for HIGH POWER applications, rather than other electronic products such as laptops. The cells are designed to have less internal resistance meaning energy flows easily when required in high bursts for increased Performance. This is the first time such cells have been offered in the DIY market with unrivalled performance and durability.


The end result? Plug in a Lithium+ battery to any of your old tools and you will feel the difference! Depending on the application you can get up to 10% better performance which helps close the gap between corded and cordless performance.


Lithium+ Technology enables users to get more from their current ONE+ tool collection. Ryobi IntelliCell™ technology monitors and balances each individual cell inside the battery pack to ensure all cells discharge equally, this means users are able to “empty the tank” on their battery, no energy is wasted. As an added bonus, every cell always receives exactly the right amount of energy when charging; ensuring capacity is always 100% and ready to be used.


Combined, this helps to provide optimum battery run-time per charge cycle and improves the long term life span of the battery.


Protection Electronics

Lithium+ batteries are packed with electronic controls designed to help protect and make the most of your tool collection. The electronics monitor the batteries temperature and also the amount of energy the power tool is requesting. When certain power levels are exceeded which could damage either the battery of the tool, the electronics shut down to alert the user and protect the system.


The battery pack design itself is made to endure impacts so that the technology inside is protected from drops or falls during use, thus, enhancing the durability of the battery. The Fuel Gauge on the battery pack is the simplest way for the user to manage their workload, by giving the user a clear indication of the remaining battery life in the tool per charge, so no job goes unfinished!




Get more from your current ONE+ tools and experience the advantages of 5.0Ah, up to 25% more runtime:

*4*32mm Screws into pine. *Rip cutting 13mm plywood

*Runtime can vary dependent on tool, battery and application


ONE+ flexibility

The 5.0Ah is the latest addition to the ONE+ range which is designed with flexibility in mind. The ONE+ range is easy to customise to your needs. Buy a ONE+ tool and now you can choose from 5 different Lithium+ battery packs to suit your power and application needs. 



If you have further questions, need further material or want to discuss further features, please don’t hesitate to contact:

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RYOBI® power tools are backed by the RYOBI® 2-year warranty.

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