Reciprocating Saw Blade Set (6 piece)


Reciprocating Saw Blade Set (6 piece)




  • This set is ideal for straight and curve cuts into wood and plastic
  • This set includes the following 6 x Reciprocating Saw Blade Set (1 x 14TPI Thin Reciprocating Saw, 1 x 10TPI Wood Cutting, 1 x 24TPI Metal Cutting, 1 x 14TPI Metal Cutting, 1 x 4-5TPI Pruning, 1 x 10TPI Universal)
  • Compatible with Ryobi Models RRS1200, RRS1801M, R18RS-0, R18RS7-0 and competitor units

Product Description

The Ryobi RAK06RB 5 Piece Recip Saw Blade Set contains a variety of high-quality blades ideal for cutting wood, drywall, plastic, plywood and metal both at home or on professional sites. The set consists of six cutting blades made of hardened stainless steel. The blades in the set have a different shape and purpose, all are universal across all brands of reciprocating saws. Includes: 1 x 14TPI Thin Recip Saw, 1 x 10TPI Wood Cutting Blade, 1 x 24TPI Metal Cutting Blade, 1 x 14TPI Metal Cutting Blade, 1 x 4-5TPI Pruning Blad, 1 x 10TPI Universal Cutting Blade.

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