Jigsaw Blade Set (5 piece)

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Jigsaw Blade Set (5 piece)


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  • The Flush Cut Blade is ideal for cutting flush up to a surface without damaging it, scroll blades are suited for curve cuts and standard blades for straight line cuts into wood
  • This set includes 1 x 10TPI Flush Cut, 2 x 14TPI Scroll Cut Blades, 2 x 10TPI Wood Cutting Blade
  • Compatible with all Jigsaws with universal shank fitment

Product Description

The Ryobi RAK05JSBFC 5 piece jigsaw blade set from Ryobi contains the perfect range of jigsaw blades compatible with all brands of jigsaws (both T-shank and U-shank). Ideal for cutting wood and plastic these blades will suit most of your sawing needs. Containing a flush cut blade this is the perfect partner for any of the new generation Ryobi jigsaws allowing you to cut up to vertical surfaces. Featuring a universal shank for compatibility with all T-Shank & U-Shank Jigsaws including Ryobi R18JS and R18JS7. Includes: 1 x HCS Flush Cut Wood Blade (10TPI), 2 x HCS Scroll Cut Wood Blades (14TPI), 2 x HCS Standard Wood Blades (10TPI).

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