360° Green Line Laser


360° Green Line Laser




  • Green laser technology improves visibility of the laser lines by up to 4 times
  • The 360° Green Line Laser enables work in large rooms projecting a horizontal laser line across all walls. Ideal to hang shelfs or pictures on different walls at the same height
  • Projects: 1 x vertical line, 1 x cross line and a 360° line
  • The laser lines can be individually activated using the top button to suit any application
  • Automatic self-levelling with intuitive LED to indicate when the laser is out of level
  • Compact and friendly design with rubber over-mould for lasting durability
  • Ease of use with one sliding switch ON and OFF

Product Description

Levelling around the home has never been so easy with the new RYOBI® 360° Green Line Laser RB360GLL. This 360 degree laser features green laser technology that improves the visibility of laser lines up to 4 times providing a working range of up to 25 metres, covering even the largest of indoor spaces. Featuring a horizontal 360° line laser, users of this tool can work across multiple wall spaces and areas without having to re-adjust or reposition the tool, saving time for quicker and more precise jobs. This laser also offers traditional vertical and cross line laser features which can be activated with a simple ON/OFF button, so whether you're installing a rail, a window bay or simply hanging shelves in your home, this laser will help you complete any DIY task with ease.

This laser's compact design also makes for easy transportation and care. The RB360GLL can also be mounted to any tripod, or the RYOBI® telescopic pole [RBCLTP1] thanks to the ¼” thread. This laser also has an automatic self-levelling function that takes 2-4 seconds to make sure the lasers are always balanced. A clever LED on the laser indicates when the laser is level and out of level leaving no room for uneven jobs or inaccuracy, delivering 0.5mm/m accuracy every time.

Powered with 4 x AA batteries. Equipped with pouch for storage.

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