LINK Screwdriver Hook (Single)



RSLW807 / LINK Screwdriver Hook (Single) / RYOBI LINK


  • Compatible with RYOBI® LINK System. Get Organised and customise your space!
  • Durable steel construction with 11.3Kg weight capacity
  • Ideal to use with Screwdrivers, Pliers and Safety Glasses

Product Description

As part of Ryobi’s latest innovation, the LINK™ Modular Storage System offers a convenient ‘build-your-own’ solution for organising, accessing, and transporting your power tools and accessories. Whether you need to optimise your space within the Shed, Garage or Workshop with the LINK™ Wall Storage system or take your tools on-the-go with the Mobile Tool Box Storage, the RYOBI™ LINK™ System provides exceptional versatility, portability, and accessibility.

Start your LINK™ Wall Storage system with the Ryobi LINK RSLW807 Screwdriver Hook is an ideal fit for screwdrivers, pliers and safety glasses. The steel construction provide enhanced durability, while the non-slip coating securely hangs items up to 11.3 kg

Also featuring interlocking technology throughout the system so you can use it with the wall rails (RSL2WR-2) then the hanging shelf simply slots into the rail or you can simply screw the hanger straight into any flat wall as the hanger has a pre-drilled hole. Own your space with RYOBI LINK Modular Storage System!

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