LINK Tool Hanger Shelf (Single)



RSLW401 / LINK Tool Hanger Shelf (Single) / RYOBI LINK


  • Compatible with RYOBI® LINK System. Get Organised and customise your space!
  • Solid Construction delivers a durable, long lasting design holds up to 22.7 Kg
  • Made to fit multiple power tools on specialised hangers enabling customisation
  • The store built in shelf allows you to store a variety of items with an open surface

Product Description

As part of Ryobi’s latest innovation, the LINK™ Modular Storage System offers a convenient ‘build-your-own’ solution for organising, accessing, and transporting your power tools and accessories. Whether you need to optimise your space within the Shed, Garage or Workshop with the LINK™ Wall Storage system or take your tools on-the-go with the Mobile Tool Box Storage, the RYOBI™ LINK™ System provides exceptional versatility, portability, and accessibility.

Start your LINK™ Wall Storage system with the Ryobi LINK RSLW401 Tool Hanger Shelf is designed to maximise your storage space. The wide shelf surface alows 4 power tool slots and on-board hand tool storage allow for maximum accessibility in tight spaces and supporting up to 22.7 kg load capacity.

On this Tool Hanger Shelf you can store multiple products such as drills, impact wrenches, multi-tools, angle grinders, fans, lights and much more!

Also featuring interlocking technology throughout the system so you can use it with the wall rails (RSL2WR-2) then the hanging shelf simply slots into the rail. Own your space with RYOBI LINK Modular Storage System!

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