3 pcs Heavy Duty Aviation Snips Set




  • The Heavy Duty Aviation Snips can cut through various types of metal sheets, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and leather, with ease and precision this makes them perfect for any project that involves metal work. Whether you need to cut straight lines, curves, or corners, the Heavy Duty Aviation Snips with forged serrated cutting blades made of chromoly steel (Cr-Mo) deliver clean cuts and long life
  • Cuts up to 18 gauge cold rolled steel
  • With the easy lock bolt the blades will not loosen over time
  • Textured dip handles for better comfort when cutting materials
  • Colour coded for easy identification. Left-cut red, Right-cut green and Straight-cut yellow

Product Description

As part of the Ryobi hand tools range the Ryobi RHAS3PC 3-piece Heavy Duty Aviation Snip Set is ideal for both crafting enthusiasts and professionals who work with sheet metal in their projects.

This 3 piece Heavy Duty Aviation Snips set boasts several key features: Left, Right, and Straight Cut capabilities, allowing for versatile cutting options. It can effortlessly handle up to 18 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel. Thanks to its easy lock Bolt, the blades remain securely in place without any risk of loosening during use. Additionally, the tool is equipped with textured dip handles, ensuring optimal comfort while cutting materials. Furthermore, its color-coded design simplifies identification and selection.

Get the job done with confidence using this reliable and convenient 3 piece Heavy Duty Aviation Snips Set.

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