560g Steel Curved Claw Hammer




  • One-piece forged steel body with ergonomic rubber handle delivers the perfect ergonomics for each strike
  • Tempered carbon steel head features a side nail puller to easily help pull nails out from tight spaces. Including a magnetic nail driver for easy and quick start
  • Glossy polished finish head with a flat face for hammering and a curved claw to pull nails out

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Product Description

The Ryobi RHHSCC560 560g Steel Curved Claw Hammer is the latest addition to the hammers range, representing the ultimate choice for those seeking a reliable, high-performance tool for their woodworking and construction projects.

Crafted from a single piece of forged steel, and equipped with a long steel tempered handle designed to minimize vibration, this hammer ensures both comfort and ease of use during hammering.

This hammer includes a Magnetic Nail Driver, a convenient Side Nail Puller, a sleek Glossy Polished Finish Head, and a versatile Flat Face with a Curved Claw Head.

Make the Ryobi RHHSCC560 560g Steel Curved Claw Hammer your trusted companion for enhanced performance!

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