450g Fibreglass Rubber Mallet (Black)


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  • The rubber head is suited for light and soft impact applications such as window installation, floor or tile installation and building flat pack furniture
  • Fiberglass handle absorbs vibrations and the ergonomic rubber grip enables maximum comfort while using the mallet
  • The rubber head is engraved with grams dimensions for easy identification

Product Description

The Ryobi RHHM450 450g Fibreglass Rubber Mullet (Black), is the latest addition to the hammers range, representing the ultimate choice for those seeking a reliable, high-performance tool for their woodworking and construction projects.

Crafted from a single piece of forged steel, and equipped with a sturdy fiberglass handle designed to minimize vibration, this hammer ensures both comfort and ease of use during hammering.

This hammer is perfectly suited for gentler impact applications, making it ideal for tasks like assembling furniture, tapping wooden joints, and adjusting fixtures. It excels in these situations by ensuring that it won't leave unsightly marks or dents behind..

Make the Ryobi RHHM450 450g Fibreglass Rubber Mullet (Black) your trusted companion for enhanced performance!

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