The Complete Chainsaw Guide

RYOBI® has created this complete chainsaw guide to give you the knowledge and confidence to pick the right chainsaw for you and how to use it safely. This guide will answer some common questions about chainsaws, like why do I need a chainsaw? What chainsaw is best for me? How do I safely use a chainsaw? How do I maintain my chainsaw?

Setting Up Your Chainsaw

Before you use your chainsaw, it is important to follow each setting up step. This is to make sure the chainsaw is safe to use, to protect you and to reduce any potential damage to the chainsaw. Following each step will help maximise the performance and ensure smooth and fast cuts.


Read the instructions

Please refer to the product manual found in the chainsaw box.


Make sure battery is removed

It is important to have the battery removed when setting your chainsaw up to keep you safe. This keeps you safe as it stops any accidental start up of the chainsaw. It is important to use a tray or surface whilst setting up your chainsaw that can be cleaned in case of an oil spillage.


Applying chainsaw oil - Auto-oiling chainsaw

Auto-oiling chainsaws have a oil tank built into the chainsaw that automatically applies oil to the bar and chain. The user is required to fill the tank with chainsaw oil by unscrewing the tank cap, pouring the oil up to the capacity line, and then screwing the cap back on.


Applying chainsaw oil - Manual Oiling chainsaw

Some models of chainsaws may require you to apply chainsaw oil directly to the bar and chain. To do this, you apply a small amount of oil all around and in between the bar and chain to ensure the chain is fully lubricated.


Attach the chain to the bar & sprocket

Ensure the chain is facing the correct rotating direction and located in-between the bar groove.


Tension your chainsaw - Tooled Chainsaw

Refer to product manual for further details.


Tension your chainsaw - Toolless Chainsaw

Refer to product manual for further details.

How To Safely Use A Chainsaw

Make sure you review and understand each step of how to safely use a chainsaw before attempting any application. Stick to these safety guidelines and follow our smart usage tips to stay injury-free.


Personal Protective Equipment

Anyone using a chainsaw must wear the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This provides additional control and protection as the first line of defence against accidental injury. Please refer to the product manual on what PPE you should use.


Use a fully charged battery

Insert your fully charged battery. A fully charged battery should be used when you start using your chainsaw to give you maximum power and runtime.


Hold with two hands

Ensure your left thumb is secure under the handle.


Chain Brake and safety switch

Activate chainsaws by pulling the chain brake into the user and always deactivate chainsaws by pushing the chain brake forward at the end of use. Engage trigger by pulling trigger release and pressing switch trigger.


Correct posture and position

Ensure the chainsaw body is as close to the log as possible and never cut with the tip of the bar. Never stand over the top of the chainsaw – best to stand to the left of the chainsaw with feet firmly on the ground hip distance apart.


Cutting the log

Ensure the chain is running at full speed before cutting. Cut at waist level and never above the shoulders. Don’t push or force the chainsaw whilst cutting. Check the chain tensioning and oil levels after several cuts or if the chainsaw is not performing optimally. Once you have finished cutting remember to put the chain brake on and remove the battery.

Maintaining Your Chainsaw

Taking good care of your chainsaw will maintain performance, help it perform more safely, and extend the life of your saw. Follow these straightforward steps to keep your chainsaw in working order and in good shape all year round.


Remove Battery

It is important to have the battery removed when setting your chainsaw up to keep you safe. This keeps you safe as it stops any accidental start up of the chainsaw.


Clean and inspect the bar

Use a brush to clean the debris off the bar and chain especially inside the bar groove. Check the sharpness of the chain and if too blunt purchase a new replacement chain. Check the bar does not have any dents or damages and if it is damaged purchase a new replacement bar. Read product manual for bar and chain details.


Remove Oil

Dispose the chainsaw oil by pouring the oil out of the tank into an empty bottle and follow your local disposal regulations. Do not reuse oil.


Add bar cover

Slide the bar cover onto the bar and chain for safe storage.


Store in a safe place

Ensure it is out of reach of anyone who is unfamiliar with a chainsaw or children and pets. Ensure it is stored in a dry protected location.

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