Ryobi’s new cordless Reciprocating Saw is THE ultimate demolition tool.

From fitting new windows, cutting through difficult nails, pins or cutting tree branches, the new Recip Saw from Ryobi lets you cut through almost anything with ease. What’s more, you can do it faster than with a corded reciprocating saw!

Remodelling can get messy, so don’t get held back by electric cords and extension leads getting in the way. Enjoy the freedom of cordless with this ONE+ Recip Saw. Best of all one battery fits all 50+ ONE+ tools in the range!

Whether you are a do-it-yourself Dad, a car enthusiast or a keen furniture restorer, Ryobi has the tools for you. 

ONE+ has been powering a range of garden and power tools since 1996, that’s 20 years of ONE+ innovation in one system of tools. That’s why the ONE+ System is the #1 cordless system in the DIY market world-wide for millions of DIY’ers, families and homeowners.


Cuts Faster Than Corded*

Demolition jobs are rough, tough and fast and usually are the pre-step to starting your DIY re-decorating. So you’ll want to get your demolition out of the way quickly.

Ryobi ‘s strive for innovation is apparent with the design of the NEW Recip saw which cuts faster than an electric saw*, so you can get your jobs done quicker and enjoy your finished product

Use the Right Blade

The NEW Recip Saw is supplied with a newly developed wood only blade that provides great cutting performance. The blade has been developed to have an optimised tooth design and 1.2mm kerf for 20% faster cutting versus the previous generation blades (RAK06RB). The wood blade is the most commonly used however, it is important to remember to use the correct blade for each material you intend to cut.

The new ONE+ Reciprocating Saw also boasts:

  • NEW Anti-Vibe Handle™ – soaks up the vibration of the tool so you can have more control and comfort whilst cutting.
  • Improved Tool-less Blade Clamp – allows you to change easily between blades, like from wood to metal, without the need of other tools. Simply release the lever on the side (which now has a little switch which keeps it unlocked for easier  blade changes), insert the new blade and lock the lever in to place.
  • Adjustable Shoe – choose how much of the back blade you want to use to cut with. Simply use the on-board Alan key to unlock the shoe; adjust it to your preferred angle and re-lock. This helps prolong the life of the blade by ensuring the entire blade gets utilised rather than just one section.

Best battery for your tool?

We recommend using Ryobi’s 5.0Ah Lithium+ battery pack. The 5.0Ah battery pack is our biggest battery and offers outstanding power and runtime. So you can complete your DIY demolition without needing to re-charge your battery. Cut up to 164 times on one single charge! (50x100mm pine).


If you have further questions, need further material or want to discuss further features, please don’t hesitate to contact:

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RYOBI® power tools are backed by the RYOBI® 2-year warranty.

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