The effortless mowing experience, 36V Mowers with Power Assist

Maintaining garden areas, including the most challenging lawn conditions, just got easier thanks to Ryobi’s new 36V Power Assist mowers. The innovative mower, which comes in two sizes, provides a seamless and enhanced optimised performance for all home users when they need it most.

Gardeners who find uneven surfaces difficult will particularly enjoy Ryobi’s Power Assist feature, which provides users with more power and energy in the wheel by adding a boost drive mechanism to make light work of your gardening.

Ryobi understands the importance of delivering a petrol-equivalent across your garden tools, which is why the new cordless Power Assist mowers are perfect for those with bigger gardens or challenging surfaces.

A powerful Max Power 36V Lithium+ battery eradicates the needs for heavier petrol mowers. Instead, each battery is made with Intellicell technology which optimises the battery for the task at hand to maximise your run-time, even on tough-cutting jobs.

Furthermore, you can work with the knowledge that you’ll experience less vibration and a much lighter user experience alongside zero emissions and no messy oil spills.

RLM36X46H5P | RLM36X41H50P

The powerful 36V engine works alongside a Power Assist drive motor in the back wheel to enable more control and power when working on inclines or through dense grass. Simply choose between standard push or Power Assist depending on your terrain with the flick of a switch. It couldn’t be easier.  

Moreover, telescoping ergonomic handles provide a comfortable mowing experience for users of all heights. You can also adjust the cutting height to one of five different settings and mow right up to the edge of the grass for better results. All of this comes at a competitive price, and with all the usual benefits Ryobi users associate with our three-year warranty.


For big and small gardens

The mowers come in two sizes to cover all garden shapes and sizes. The smaller 40cm cutting path is perfect for those with garden sizes covering 500-600m2, while the bigger model boasts a 46cm cutting path capable of 625m2 or more. Both are sold as a kit including a charger, which also means you can use the same battery to power other products in the 36V range.

Powered by Lithium 36V batteries  

Ryobi’s 36V Lithium+ batteries are the latest in an expanding cordless range that eradicates the need for purchasing more batteries and chargers. Furthermore, by delivering a petrol-equivalent performance across all your garden tools, it means they’re not just good news for your equipment, but for you too.

As part of the 36V garden range, choose from up to ten different tools to keep your garden in tip top shape. Mow your lawn, trim hedges, cut wood and tidy up your garden with the same 36V battery; make petrol a thing of the past. 

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