A Revolution in Battery Technology!

Always striving to push the limits of battery technology, RYOBI® is proud to announce its next generation of 18V lithium-ion batteries. Delivering more power and more runtime, the Lithium+ High Energy 3.0Ah and 9.0Ah batteries are part of RYOBI’S ONE+ range, meaning they’re able to enhance the performance of more than 100 home and garden tools.

A leap forward in technology, High Energy can deliver up to 3x more runtime and generate 20% more power than RYOBI’S previous lithium-ion technologies. This means that every tool in the incredibly diverse ONE+ range, where one battery fits all, is now capable of working harder for longer. If you already own ONE+ tools, High Energy batteries will instantly upgrade all your tools. If you don’t, there’s never been a better reason to start your collection.

This breakthrough is possible thanks to three innovations: new high-power cells, a four tab design which improves energy flow and RYOBI’S unique Intellicell technology.

High Power Cells

The cells in High Energy batteries are 40% bigger than the cells used in previous models. With more space for the electrochemical reactions that power the battery to take place, each cell generates 25% less heat than previous technologies. This means High Energy wastes less energy via heat loss. The result is a battery that’s more efficient and delivers better runtime, without any compromise on performance.

Improved Energy Flow

Most batteries have a two tab design that allows energy to flow from the battery to the tool. High Energy features four tabs. These additional tabs – or ‘energy highways’ as they’re known at RYOBI® – enable energy to flow more quickly and efficiently from the battery to the tool. Think of it as being a bit like adding two extra lanes to the M25 – wouldn’t that speed things up! High Energy’s four tab design means that it can increase the power output of a tool by as much as 20%.

Unique Intellicell Technology

All ONE+ batteries feature RYOBI’s unique Intellicell technology, which means the battery can think for itself to manage its own power and deliver optimum performance. Simply put, the battery monitors each individual cell, so it knows if some cells are working harder or are more drained than others and can transfer the load accordingly onto other cells.  By spreading the workload evenly across all the battery cells, the batteries deliver improved runtime, more consistent power, and greater durability, whatever the application.

With these three advances, RYOBI® have created a battery that will drive your tools to greater heights of performance allowing you to complete all your DIY tasks faster than ever before.

As part of the ONE+ system, the High Energy batteries are compatible with a diverse range or more than 100 tools. Whether it’s general DIY around the house, upkeep of your garden, or even lifestyle items including fans, radios and lights, ONE+ offers something for every task. What’s more, the ONE+ system means that once you own a High Energy battery, you won’t need to waste money on excess batteries, saving you money every time you purchase a tool from the range.

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