Ryobi’s new 18V ONE+ Compound Mitre Saw is turning Do-It-Yourselfers into precision craftsman!

The new 18V compound Mitre Saw is the first cordless Ryobi® saw to feature a sliding rail; enabling users to achieve exceptional cutting capacities.

The new Ryobi® Mitre Saw [R18MS216] is perfect for making accurate wood cuts at a variety of angles. With an impressive no-load speed of 3200rpm, this cordless saw can slice through wood up to 70mm by 270mm and an onboard laser guide helps ensure absolute precision with every cut.

Whether users are cutting skirting board to size or chopping framing timber for lattice work, this powerful 18V Mitre Saw, will make light work of any DIY task.

Without compromising on power, the cordless unit allows users to complete their woodworking project anywhere!  And as part of the ONE+ system of over 70 tools for the home and garden, this tool can be used with any 18V battery pack.

Exceptional Cutting Capacities

Ryobi’s 18V cordless Mitre Saw allows users to make 90-degree straight cuts in materials up to 70mm by 270mm. The unit is also capable of making a variety of bevel and compound cuts for a wide range of woodworking projects. When used at a 45-degree mitre and 45-degree bevel setting this saw can still cut through material up to 48mm by 185mm.

Outstanding Accuracy

The laser guide helps users make accurate cuts in wood. DIYer’s can even make use of the pre-selected miter angles 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees, and adjust the bevel at 45 degrees for added convenience.

The 216mm diameter ultra-thin kerf blade has 48 carbide tipped teeth, providing superb cutting quality and increased runtime. The premium die cast aluminum base provides a perfect flat surface for all types of cutting applications.

Cordless Convenience

With cordless convenience this unit has no limits to where it can be used; on a work bench, on a stand in the garden or even on the floor. And the front sliding rail design makes the tool compact, allowing users to easily transport the saw and work in more confined spaces.

With outstanding runtime for a variety of applications, this Mitre Saw is capable of making up to 300 cuts in 2x4 timber when used with Ryobi’s 5.0Ah 18V battery pack.

Part of the ONE+ system

Ryobi’s Mitre Saw is the latest addition to ONE+ cordless range. The batteries are compatible with over 70 tools for the home and garden, allowing users to expand their family of tools without buying additional batteries and chargers.

Ryobi’s ONE+ tool range are built to last and come at a competitive price and are protected by a three-year warranty for further peace of mind.

For more information on the R18MS216 please visit ryobitools.eu

Specification Table



Blade diameter


Max. cutting capacity 0 mitre / 45 bevel [mm]

48mm x 270mm

Max. cutting capacity 45 mitre / 0 bevel [mm]

70mm x 185mm

Max. cutting capacity 45 mitre / 45 bevel [mm]

48mm x 185mm

Weight (without battery)


Article number


EAN Code
















Compatible Accessories






Adjustable Leg Stand

Adjustable Leg Stand

Dimensions (mm)

1380 - 2904

1008 - 2160

Loading Capacity (kg)



Weight (kg)



Article number



EAN Code





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