An inflator to suit all your needs!

Ryobi© now have 3 inflators in the ONE+ range. With the latest high pressure and high volume inflators, you’ll waste no time inflating your air bed or car tyres! 

The ONE+ system allows users to build on their cordless tool collection without the need to purchase additional batteries and chargers. Ryobi© are continually expanding their ONE+ range to create innovative tools to make DIY tasks even easier. That’s why the ONE+ is a worldwide leader in cordless system for the DIY market.

New 18V High Volume Inflator – R18VI

Heading camping, to the pool or the beach? Ryobi’s high volume inflator is just what you need. With an impressive 210 l/min air flow you can inflate a double air bed in less than two minutes! The unit is compact and lightweight, at just 0.32kg making this an ideal tool for on-the-go and holidays.

The R18VI is simple to use with a lock on switch, allowing you to inflate large items without difficulty. A pinch valve adaptor is included on-board the unit, which can be used to ensure the inflatable’s air valve is fully open, allowing for maximum air flow.

The R18VI can be used in reverse as a deflator to quickly remove air from inflatables with ease. It can also be used as a blower for your DIY projects - quickly clear any workspace of dirt, debris or sawdust.

New 18V High Pressure Inflator - R18PI

The R18PI is ideal for automotive care, bike maintenance and keen sports players. With pressures of 150 PSI/ 10.34 Bar you can inflate a low pressure car tyre in under 2 minutes and a football in just seconds; and the easy to read pressure gauge will take the guesswork out of hitting the correct pressure.

The inflator features a 50cm long hose for flexible reach and a thumb lock tyre valve, enabling the hose to easily be fixed to a car tyre. The inflator also includes 3 additional nozzles: a Presta valve adaptor for bike tyre connection, a sports ball needle and tapered adaptor for inflating air beds, and beach balls. For added user convenience, all accessories can be kept on board.

18V 3in1 Inflator – R18I

The R18I is Ryobi’s ultimate 3in1 inflator. This cordless unit comprises of a high volume inflator/ deflator and a high pressure inflator. Paddling pools and large inflatables are no match for the R18I as the high volume inflator delivers 210 l/min of air flow.

The unit’s high pressure inflator has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI/ 10.34 Bar, making it perfect for inflating car and bike tyres, as well as sports balls. With auto stop technology, the R18I automatically shuts off inflation when the required pressure is reached, providing precise control and preventing overfill. Additionally, an LED screen illuminates the digital gauge, so you can easily check the current pressure reading.

The unit comes equipped with an easy to use thumb lock tyre valve and three additional nozzles to ensure you can inflate your household items: a Presta valve adaptor, a sport ball needle and tapered adaptor.






Power (V)




Max. Pressure (PSI/Bar)

0.5 / 0.034

150 / 10.34

150 / 10.34

L/min Air Flow



High Volume: 210

High Pressure: 16

Weight (without battery) (kg)




Standard Equipment

Nozzle, pinch valve adaptor

Sports ball needle, presta valve, tapered nozzle

Sports ball needle, presta valve, tapered nozzle

Article Number




EAN Code



















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