Ryobi® outrivals the competition with their NEW 680W SDS+ Hammer Drill! 

Ryobi® shines the spotlight on pneumatic hammer drills and is set to make a real impact on the DIY market with their new 4-Mode 680W SDS+ 

Ryobi® understands the importance of corded innovation as so many consumers rely on them for continuous runtime and power. They are committed to delivering simply the best corded products to their customers and continue to invest significant resource to ensure they are always leading the market. SDS+ Hammer Drills have an enhanced hammer action compared to conventional hammer drills because of the pneumatic mechanism. They are capable of delivering hundreds of times the energy per blow. It has a 4 mode setting perfect for you to carry out almost any application:



• Hammer Drilling – for tough hard materials (concrete/ masonry)

• Chisel Adjust – for aligning the chisel

 Chiseling – for removing tiles and adhesive

 Rotary Drilling Only – for soft masonry/wood/metal


Thus you have a versatile drill in one compact design!



SDS Drills rival their predecessor hammer drills as they are powered by a pneumatic mechanism. The rotary motion of the motor is transferred into a linear motion to drive the piston, which then powers all of the energy out through the end of the drill, directly down the drill bit and smacks straight into the wall or concrete you are drilling into with force to break through tough materials.


Light, yet Powerful!

Ryobi’s new 680W SDS+ is high in power and small in size, delivering 2J (EPTA rated) of impact energy from a 2.72Kg tool. The impact energy of a hammer drill is measured in Joules. A Joule (J) is the impact of 1Kg of weight dropped from 10cm of height. This means each time you drill into a wall with your SDS+ you have around 2Kg of weight hammering into material!


The SDS+ is in the same weight category as its nearest competitors weighing in at 2.72Kg but out does them in compactness. The new compact shape is designed to give users maximum control of the tool in a comfortable position and only measures 316.5mm in length!




Your SDS+ has 4 different tools in one compact design. When drilling into hard masonry with the hammer drill function, the difference is astonishing. Whereas an ordinary hammer drill might take minutes to drill even a shallow hole, the SDS+ will pound through it in seconds. Ryobi’s SDS+ comes with a soft drilling action called drilling without hammer action and turns your hammer drill into a regular drill ideal for softer masonry, wood and metals. The other function is chiseling, which only uses the hammer function in order to remove hard debris from walls like bricks, tiles adhesive and light demolition


Ryobi® has managed to create a powerful SDS+ pneumatic hammer drill in a compact design beating its competitors. 



Chuck type SDS+
Impact Energy (J) 2 EPTA
Max. Drilling Masonry (mm) 22
Max. Drilling Steel (mm) 13
Max. Drilling Wood (mm) 30
Max. Percussion Rate (bpm) 0-5,000
No Load Speed (rpm) 0-2,150
Power Input (W) 680
Weight (kg) 2.72




If you have further questions, need further material or want to discuss further features, please don’t hesitate to contact:

The Ryobi UK Team | contact.uk@ryobitools.eu



RYOBI® power tools are backed by the RYOBI® 2-year warranty.

For more information on RYOBI® and any of our other products, please visit uk.ryobitools.eu

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