18V ONE+™ Rapid Charger




  • ONE+™ Rapid Charger, the fastest charger on the 18V ONE+™ Battery Platform, charges a 18V ONE+™ 4Ah battery in less than 45 minutes
  • USB-C and USB-A charging ports for convenient charging of other devices
  • Indicator lights show the status as batteries are charged and maintained
  • Easily mount onto the wall or set flat on a benchtop to maximise space
  • Ready to go indicator shows when the battery has reached 80% capacity

Product Description

Expand your RYOBI® 18V ONE+™ System with the 8A Rapid Charger. Charging has been made faster than ever before, this charger decreases downtime significantly allowing users to charge a 8Ah Lithium+™ HIGH ENERGY Battery in an hour.

Featuring LED indicator lights, users can easily identify battery charge status. The ready to go indicator shows when the battery has reached 80% capacity. Incorporating intelligent condition monitoring which evaluates the battery’s voltage and temperature while ensuring long term durability.

The USB-C and USB-A charging port allow users to conveniently charge their portable electronics. The rubber feet provide a slip resistant footing to help prevent your charger from sliding around in your workspace. Energy save mode conserves energy when not charging or maintaining batteries.

As part of the 18V ONE+™ system of over 200 cordless tools for the home, garden, automotive, crafting and much more, the RYOBI® 18V ONE+™ RC18180 8A Rapid Charger is perfect for quickly charging high capacity Lithium+™ batteries.

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How long will my battery take to charge?

The ONE+ System has many chargers in the range, so we have made choosing one a little easier for you.

Approximate charge time in minutes


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