Top 10 Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kid’s Bedroom Tidy

Top 10 Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kid’s Bedroom Tidy

Your kids likely have an abundance of toys that are cluttering every corner of the house, making it an obstacle course. It may be time to consider breaking out the toolkit and doing some DIY around the house to maximise space and storage. To save you time and effort, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 storage ideas to keep your kid’s bedroom tidy.

Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage can sometimes be overlooked. By using the 18V cordless brushless drill, consider inserting a series of sliding drawers that allow your children to store clothes, shoes or even their movie collection. Building easy to use drawers will free up space, and is also a cheap and quick DIY task. If you have a low lying bed, it maybe worth considering risers to give you the extra height.

Vertical Storage Units

Not only are vertical storage units or floating shelves efficient for storage, they will also allow you to be creative, and decorate the units to add some more personality to the room. This DIY task can require an 18V cordless right angle drill, which is ideal for drilling into wood or metal in tight spaces, allowing you to utilise wall space. Such storage units will be ideal to hold books, clothes and even toys, helping to declutter the floor. Implementing floating shelves isn't just efficient, it’s quick and easy task.

Drawer Storage with dividers

This tip is a clever way to maximise space which has taken inspiration from kitchen drawers. In your bedside table, drawers or wardrobe, inserting a series of dividers will help you bring organisation to your room whilst maximising space. Perfect for accessories, stationary and toys. Using a cordless glue gun, will allow you to easily position and secure the organisers. It’s ideal for a wide selection of materials such as wood, metal, cardboard and textiles. No matter the materials that you have at your disposal, the glue gun will be able to turn ordinary drawers into innovative organisers.

Peg Shoe Rack

This is an innovative and cheap tip that can maximise your shoe storage space. To prevent you from tripping up over shoes, simply adapt clothes line pegs into a shoe rack. This simple DIY task requires the 18V cordless glue gun. The glue gun has a 3 minute warm-up time, meaning the task takes little time to complete, with the glue being strong and durable. This effortless shoe rack can help to take advantage of limited space.

Bed Headboard Storage Unit

Convert your bed headboard into a multi-use storage unit. Adapting your headboard can prove highly effective, as it will allow you to create a new set of drawers. This DIY task will require a few tools from your kit, but the main Ryobi tool we would recommend would be the 18V cordless jigsaw. The jigsaw is ideal for cutting intricate shapes in wood, plastic and metal, allowing you to perfectly design the headboard unit. This storage unit can be multi layered, with pull out drawers designed to hold shoes, clothes and toys.

Multi-Use Shelves

Situated around the perimeter of the room, inserting a shelf will help to utilise the space other than the generic areas. Due to the nature of the shelves, a drill that can ideally be used through a mixture of materials will be needed. The Ryobi 18V Cordless Percussion Drill has two gears, allowing you to control the speed dependent on the materials, making it perfect for you to insert a shelf. Not only will the shelf prove great for books, but can be doubled up as a clothes rail on the underside.

Utilise Leftover LEGO

This quirky idea is innovative and a great way to utilise any leftover LEGO you may have around the house. Simply use pieces of LEGO to hold cables and keys, preventing you from losing them. Situated on desks or on bedside tables, simply use a cordless glue gun to stick pieces of LEGO around the room to keep childrens electronic cables organised and prevent hazards.