What is a multi-tool power tool used for

What is a multi-tool power tool used for

A multi tool, or oscillating tool, can be used for a wide variety of applications when fitted with an appropriate accessory. 

This all-purpose multi tool is an essential part of any DIY toolbox as it is a handy versatile tool for cutting through a range of materials with ease – wood, metal, drywall, mortar, tile and plastic. 

Which multi tool blade do you need

A multi tool can be used for many applications such as cutting materials, sanding, scraping, grinding and much more.

Depending on the task at hand, the following guidelines are advised.

  • Which multi tool blade is needed for cutting tile?

Whether or not a multi tool can cut tile successfully, will depend on the thickness volume of the tile as well as fitting the correct blade for the task.

We recommend an appropriate multi tool carbide or diamond cutting blade to cut tile.

However, while a multi tool is great for making quick small cuts in tiles, it is not the best suited tool for cutting a lot of tiles on a large tiling project.

  • Which multi tool blade is needed for removing grout?

Blades for removing tile grout typically have a thin kerf design and feature either carbide or diamond material on the grinding edge. 

The Ryobi RAKMT01PGR85 Multi-tool Precision Grout Removal Blade is ideal for removing tile grout, even in tight corners. 

If you are looking to also replace a broken tile you will need an accessory for grinding down old tile adhesive.  The Ryobi RAK05MT Multi-tool Tiling Accessory Set (5 piece) includes all the accessories you will typically need to replace broken tiles and/or grout.

  • Which multi tool attachment is needed for sanding?

How do you attach sandpaper to multi tool?

Multi tools utilise an attachment called a sanding pad which features a hook & loop surface which allows suitably sized hook & loop-backed sand paper to be quickly and easily attached.  Sanding pads can sometimes be specific to a particular multi tool model therefore most multi tools are supplied with these in the box.  Spare sanding sheets can be purchased separately such as the Ryobi RAK10MT Multi-tool Sanding Accessory Set (10 piece).

What is the Ryobi multi tool used for?

For a multi-purpose tool with both sanding and cutting heads, use a tool with quick change attachments and a variable speed for ultimate control across a range of applications.

The Ryobi multi tool can be used for a variety of applications such as cutting multiple materials, sanding, scraping, grinding and much more. 

Some of the most common DIY applications for the Ryobi multi tool include cutting access panels in plasterboard and kitchen units, cutting skirting boards and door facing to slide laminate flooring underneath and removing tile grout in the kitchen or bathroom.

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