How to Build a DIY Reclaimed Wood Frame

How to Build a DIY Reclaimed Wood Frame

Why not put scraps to use rather than throwing them away in the burn pile after past projects? One thing you can do with scraps is build frames! Check out this DIY frame that was built using a just a saw, hot glue gun and some reclaimed wood scraps.


18V ONE+™ Cordless Mini Glue Gun
18V ONE+™ Cordless 190mm Compound Sliding Mitre Saw


3 Frames (Your choice)
Hot glue sticks
(1) 1X2X6
(2) 1X2X8


The first step involves making your cuts. You can use the 18V ONE+™ Mitre Saw for this step.


The next step is to create the frame itself. Attach all four corners using the hot glue gun.

STEP 3Now attach the top boards side by side on top of the frame. You will also attach these boards with the hot glue gun.

STEP 4Once that is finished, you can either add a finish or attach your frames. To attach the frames, use the hot glue gun.

STEP 5Now add your cute pics and your done! You turned your scraps into something super cute!


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