ONE+ Rotary Tool Applications

ONE+ Rotary Tool Applications

In this video and blog post we look at the RYOBI ONE+ Rotary Tools [R18RT & RRT18] and the wide range of applications these tools can be used for. Both ONE+ Rotary Tools come with large accessory packs making them very versatile and can be used for engraving, polishing, sculpting and so much more!

  1. Cutting Steel Bolts

One common application the Rotary Tools can be used for are cutting off steel bolts. Finding bolts the perfect size can take a long time to get just right. Putting on an embracive blade to the Rotary Tool allows you to be able to cut right next to the nut. Switching to a sanding end can also help with smoothing over the cut to allow the bolt to still come off smoothly.

  1. Cleaning Up Welds

The narrow pen style handle allows the Rotary Tool to get into tight spaces. After you have welded pieces of the metal together you may want to sand down that welding area to make it look nicer. Attaching a sanding end with the Rotary Tool will help you reach those hard-to-reach corners and remove any messy welding.

  1. Drilling Through Stone and Glass

Drilling through stone and glass can be tough because they are hard materials, but they are also brittle, which means if you use a powerful drill and put on too much pressure you could crack the piece of material you are trying to drill through. Using a diamond abrasive bit allows you to gradually make a hole in the material and create any diameter you want.

  1. Cutting Tile

In kitchens and bathrooms, it is very popular to have large format natural stone tile to decorate. However, it can be very difficult to make small precise cuts when you need the tile to go around a piece of moulding or a corner in the room. The diamond blade on the Rotary Tool bit allows for very precise detailed cut-outs on natural stone.

  1. Carving Wood

A lot of people are into resin and live edge wood projects. The Rotary Tool with a wood carving attachment is a great way to clean out knot holes or remove tricky pieces of bark that are stuck in live edges. Switching to a sanding end can help smooth out any rough edges.

  1. Label Anything!

The ONE+ Rotary Tools can be used to label almost anything! This is great to name and personalise anything from coffee cups to hand tools. Attach the diamond end and engrave your name or label onto any surface.

These are just a few applications which these truly versatile tools can be used for. With its compact size, it makes a great addition to a shop or craft room and is a very beginner friendly tool.