Christmas Crafts - Santa Signpost

Christmas Crafts - Santa Signpost

This is the perfect decorative signpost to help Santa find his mince pie. Follow the steps below to create your own...

Old pallet or reclaimed wood.

Mitre Saw
Glue Gun
Tape Measure
Paint pens or acrylic paint and paint brush

Wood Cut Sizes:

Stand and base:
Stand = 45cm(L) x1
Feet = 11cm(L) x4

Tree slats:
Sign slat 19cm(L) x1
Sign slat 22cm(L) x1
Sign slat 23cm(L) x1

Step 1
Gather your wood and cut to size as per wood cut sizes above. For the x3 slats where you will write/paint your message to Santa, cut a 45 degree angle at one end of the sign to create a point.

Step 2
Sand down all pieces to the desired smoothness. We recommend using 120 grit. The smoother, the easier to write with paint pens.

Step 3
Create your signs. Write or paint your Christmas messages onto the slats.

Step 4
Line up the signs along the stand and position as required, then glue and press into place.

Step 5
Now to construct the stand. Glue the feet together to create a flat cross like shape. Press to secure.  

Step 6
Time to assemble. Glue the bottom of the stand and push into the base of the signpost.

Step 7
That's it! Find your sign post a home and admire. You can also give this a white wash finish, or add glitter to match your chirstmas theme. 

This project was build by Nick Chiarella-Hamblin. Follow Nick on Instagram to find more DIY projects and tips: @vintagepalletco.