How to make rustic log coasters

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Rustic log coasters

How To Make Rustic Log Coasters

Go foraging for a good-looking log so you can bring the outside in with these handcrafted log coasters.  Simple & quick to make, they’ll inject rustic, homely style into any house.  The only downside?  You’re going to be busy when all your friends want some too. 


• Log x1, approx. diameter 10cm (most wood types will work, but watch out as some may split when they dry out)

• Linseed oil



• Reciprocating Saw or hand saw

Sander or sand paper

• Brush or rags

• Tape measure

• Permanent marker

• Safety glasses


Makes as many coasters as your log allows.


1. Using your saw, make a clean straight cut at one end of the log (so your first coaster will lie flat) and discard this piece.  From this end, measure & make marks along the length of the log at 13mm intervals.  Then use your saw to make clean parallel cuts through your log at each mark.  Take extra care towards the end of each cut so you don’t damage the bark. 

2. Place the coasters in a warm dry area until the wood is thoroughly dried out.


3. Sand both sides of each coaster to remove the saw marks and make them smooth to touch.  Use course grade sand paper at the start, moving down to fine sand paper to finish.


4. Protect your workbench by laying down some newspaper or scrap timber, and lay out your coasters.  Apply linseed oil in accordance with its instructions to both sides & edges (allowing them to dry in between sides).  When completely dry, make a cuppa to test drive your new coasters – well, it would be rude not to.


Tip: These make great homemade gifts or wedding table décor! 

Important safety info: Always use appropriate safety equipment for the tools & processes you’re using.


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