36V MAXPOWER Cordless 40cm Lawnmower & 28/33cm Grass Trimmer Starter Kit (1 x 5.0Ah)


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36V MAXPOWER Cordless 40cm Lawnmower & 28/33cm Grass Trimmer Starter Kit (1 x 5.0Ah)

36V MAXPOWER Cordless 40cm Lawnmower & 28/33cm Grass Trimmer Starter Kit (1 x 5.0Ah)




  • Cordless 36V mower [RLM36B41H] and grass trimmer [RY36LT33A] combo kit perfect for keeping gardens and lawns tidy
  • 36V battery platform provides top performance for even the toughest jobs
  • Both tools are ergonomic and comfortable to use for extended periods of time
  • Cordless 40cm mower is designed for easy maneuverability around the garden
  • Mower features single point, 5 position height adjustment between 20mm to 70mm
  • Trimmer feature adjustable cutting path of 28cm and 33cm for great verstility when trimming grass and weeds
  • Trimmer uses a 2.0mm auto-feed cutting line for great trimming performance
  • The included 5Ah battery allows 550m2 of mowing, or 48 minutes of runtime on the grass trimmer

Product Description

As part of the Ryobi 36V MAX POWER system of outdoor cordless tools for the garden, the Ryobi RY36LM41LT33A-150 36V Cordless 40cm lawn mower & 33cm Line Trimmer Starter Kit is perfect for gardens with large lawn areas.

Designed to be compact and lightweight, the 40cm cutting path is ideal for easy manoeuvrability around the garden. Incorporating a high-performance 36V motor which delivers ultimate power for even the toughest of cutting jobs. Featuring a robust 5-position, cutting height adjustment (from 20-70mm) so you can mow across all terrains. The innovative EasyEdge™ grass comb feature allows you to mow right up to the perimeter of your lawn. Featuring an ergonomic handle design, which telescopes and folds down along with a collapsible grass catcher for easy and compact storage. Includes a 40cm blade, mulching plug and 50L grass catcher bag.

The included grass trimmer is designed to be supremely balanced and lightweight. Incorporating a variable speed trigger provides optimum control between power and runtime. The innovative design features an adjustable cutting width of 28cm or 33cm for great versatility when grass and weed cutting. Built with an all metal boom for durability while keeping weight low and a two-handle design for improved ergonomics. Includes an Auto-feed spool and 2.0mm line.

Using a 36V MAX POWER 5.0Ah battery (included), the Ryobi RY36LM41LT33A-150 can cut a lawn up to 550m². This is a starter kit - Includes 1x5.0ah 36V MAX POWER battery and charger.

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 — New to cordless RY36LM41LT33A-150

I’ve used it a couple of times now. It’s much easier without worrying about the leads. Still on the first charge. Not used the strimmer yet as not sure how to install the strimmer itself. Instructions are never clear. But seems ok at the moment

 — They both work really wellRY36LM41LT33A-150

I bought this product a few months back. I have to mow my lawn once about every 10days to make sure it doesn't turn into a jungle. I had borrowed my neighbours 18v+ mower and it was good but I knew I would need more power. This 36v mower is great I have a decent sized lawn and can now and strim my lawn 3 times in average before the battery needs charging. The trimmer is amazing once you get used to it it made me realise how bad some of the others I had are. You need to make sure that once you've started the trimmer you need to take your hand off the top button immediately otherwise it will keep feeding the line out. Works sn absolute treat though.

 — GrästrimmerRY36LT33A-0

Very satisfied with this product meets my expectations

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