18V ONE+™ Cordless 33cm Lawnmower & 25cm Grass Trimmer (1 x 4.0Ah)


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  • Cordless 33cm Lawnmower designed for easy manoeuvrability around the garden
  • 5-position, single point cutting height adjustment from 25-65mm
  • Ergonomic handle design, with 3 height positions to accommodate all users
  • Cordless 25cm grass trimmer cutting path for efficient grass and weed cutting
  • EasyEdge™ for quick transitions between edging and trimming modes
  • Two-handle design for improved ergonomics

Product Description

As part of the Ryobi ONE+™ system of over 150 cordless tools for the home, garden, automotive, crafting and so much more, the Ryobi 18V ONE+™ RLM1833BLT1825M Cordless 33cm Lawn mower & 25cm Grass Trimmer Starter Kit is perfect for shaping small to medium gardens. Designed to be compact and lightweight, the lawnmower contains a 33cm cutting blade and can be easily maneuvered around the garden. Featuring a 5-position cutting height adjustment (from 25-65mm), it gives greater flexibility when cutting over all types of terrain. The innovative EasyEdge™ grass comb feature allows you to mow right up to the perimeter of your lawn. Incorporating an ergonomic handle design, with 3-height positions to accommodate all users, which also folds down along with a collapsible grass catcher for easy and compact storage. Addition features include a mulching plug and 35L grass catcher bag. Also included absolutely FREE is the ONE+™ Cordless 25cm Grass Trimmer which is ideal for maintaining fine grass and keeping edges pristine. Featuring Ryobi’s innovative EasyEdge™, it is designed for quick transitions between edging and trimming modes for added versatility. Incorporating an all metal boom for durability while keeping weight low and a two-handle design for improved ergonomics. and Auto-Feed spool and 1.6mm line for line trimmer. Using a 4.0Ah battery (included), the Ryobi RLM1833BLT1825M can cut a lawn up to 200m² on a single charge. This is a starter kit - 1x4.0ah Lithium+ battery and charger are included.

Unfortunately, due to popular demand we are now out of stock of this kit for an extended period. However, our retail partner, Amazon, offer the exact the 18V ONE+ Lawnmower and Grass Trimmer Starter Kit – please see here.



 — Very easy to useRLM1833BLT1825M

Very lightweight and manoevrable. Doesn't cut as close as I hoped on the lowest setting and the battery doesn't always last long enough to cut my two small lawns, depending how long the grass is but it gives an even cut. Cannot understand why there is a grass box as nothing goes in it. The grass cuttings are a fine mulch which goes onto the sides of the casing for the blade which is easy to clean - easier than my previous cylinder mower. This is an ideal mower for an older person with a small garden

 — Surprisingly very good.RLM1833BLT1825M

I have a lot of other tools on the Ryobi platform so it made sense to get this instead of a different make cordless lawnmower. I was surprised at the fact it cut very well despite the blade not being very sharp. As I have 2 5mah batteries already I was able to cut both my front and rear gardens. The only issue I have is that the batteries would heat up a little but that's not a Ryobi problem it was because my grass was rather long and so the mower had to work very hard so that was my fault. I used all 3 batteries to cut both lawns as they are medium sized and have a lot of heavy weeds in. So I'm going to get the blade sharp as hell and then the mower shouldn't have to work so hard to cut my lawns. The strimmer is excellent and as a free gift with the pack makes this very good value. All in all this is a brilliant garden pack for the price and now I have an extra battery to use with my other DIY tools and a second charger to help keep my batteries charged. I definitely recommend this.

 — Does the jobRLM1833BLT1825M

Light and easy to use, but it does not stay on the cutting height that I set it at, it keeps dropping to number one and I have to keep resetting it to the height I want.


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