First cordless Heat Gun in the DIY market…

The ONE+™ system has expanded again with the introduction of a cordless Heat Gun, the first of its kind in the consumer market. Running off a single 18V battery, there is no need for cables or gas, providing cordless convenience and eliminating the risk of fumes.

The compact design means that this Heat Gun is versatile and can be used in situ, perfect for applying heat shrink tubing around electrical connections. An LED light allows you to illuminate the work area for greater visibility when working in dimly lit environments like a garage.

Taking only 60 seconds to heat up to a maximum of 470 degrees Celsius, this is a fast and effective solution. At this temperature the Heat Gun can also be used for crafting tasks such as paper embossing using heat embossing powder, candle making and wax sealing.

A major application for a Heat Gun, which is becoming increasingly popular is auto glass tinting, and this versatile Heat Gun is perfect for such projects. By heating the tinting film this helps to shrink the film around the curvature of the glass, removing air and water bubbles for a perfect finish, while substantially reducing drying time. The heat created can also be used to remove old stickers and adhesives making this a great problem-solving solution around your home or workshop.

The RYOBI® Heat Gun comes with two accessories, a concentration nozzle for localising heat, and a reflector nozzle for providing all-round heat, great for multiple applications.

As the latest addition to the ONE+™ range, the 18V Heat Gun can be powered by any ONE+™ battery! You can switch one battery between a staggering range of over 100 tools, covering all your DIY, garden and automotive needs.

ONE+™ has been powering a range of garden and power tools since 1996: that’s 20 years of ONE+™ innovation in one system of tools. That’s why the ONE+ system is a market leader in the cordless DIY market world-wide.

RYOBI® tools are built to last and are protected by a three-year warranty for further peace of mind.








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