Ryobi’s New 18V Compact Brushless Drills: Up to 60% MORE RUNTIME and 20% MORE POWER than any other Ryobi® brushed drill.

These new 18V compact drills are the latest additions to Ryobi’s Brushless range and offer some impressive performance and feature upgrades to their predecessors.

Ryobi’s Brushless technology is all about delivering, more power, more runtime, and smaller tools to make DIY easier.

Because there are no carbon brushes causing friction like in a traditional motor, energy is used more efficiently so a brushless motor can spin faster and deliver more power.

But what really sets Ryobi Brushless technology apart from any other is their patented electronics, a microprocessor constantly monitors and regulates the motor to maximise runtime. Combined with Ryobi’s 18V Lithium+ batteries these drills will have enough power and runtime for all DIY needs!

60% More Runtime

The new 18V Compact Brushless Drills can deliver up to 60% more runtime than any other Ryobi© brushed drill. For example, when using a 5.0Ah ONE+ battery these drills are capable drilling up to 450 (16x50mm) holes in pine or setting up to 2,100 32mm screws on a single charge.

20% More Power

These drills also provide a performance boast vs brushed drills, with the new compact Brushless drills you can drill larger holes at high speeds. Allowing you to get your DIY task done in record time!

e-Torque Control Automatically drives screws flush

e-Torque Control takes the guess work out of screwdriving! No more trial and error to find the right setting each time you change the screw or material, instead the microprocessor on board these Brushless drills monitors power usage to recognise the screw and material type, so they can automatically set the screw flush. Once flush, the drill goes into a pulse mode allowing you to set the screw exactly how you want it.

R18DD5 | R18PD5

The Cordless drill driver [R18DD5] is ideal for drilling in to wood, metal or plastic, as well as taking care of all screw driving needs. The percussion drill [R18PD5] can also drill into masonry thanks to the hammer function.

Designed to be compact and ergonomic, the new drills weigh just 1.5kg. The 13-millimetre ratcheting, keyless chuck makes it quick and easy to fit a wide selection of accessories and locks them in place, so they won’t work themselves loose.

The variable speed trigger and 2 speed gearboxes ensures full control and easy set up to match the material and application. And a LED lights up the work area when the trigger is pulled to increase user’s visibility.

Part of the ONE+ system

The new 18V Brushless drills are the latest addition to the ONE+ System – where one battery powers over 70 tools. Both drills can be purchased as a starter kit if you’re new to the system, or as a bare tool allowing you to build on your ONE+ collection without spending money on additional batteries and chargers.








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