Ryobi’s New ONE+ Cordless Woodworking Tools

The new ONE+ woodworking tools offer DIY’ers even more versatility when it comes to their DIY projects and home improvements!

Whether you need to sand a door or add a decorative edge to your cabinet, Ryobi’s new cordless tools provide the perfect solution for a variety of woodworking tasks. As part of the ONE+ system of over 70 tools for your home and garden, these tools can be powered by any 18V Ryobi® battery pack.

The ONE+ system allows users to build on their cordless tool collection without the need to purchase additional batteries and chargers. Ryobi© are continually expanding their ONE+ range to create innovative tools to make DIY tasks even easier. That’s why the ONE+ is the #1 cordless system in the DIY market worldwide for millions of DIY’ers, families and homeowners!

18V Cordless Belt Sander – R18BS-0

Ryobi’s pioneering belt sander brings heavy duty sanding applications into the cordless arena! With an impressive belt width of 76mm and length of 457mm, sanding large areas has never been quicker. When used with a 5.0Ah Ryobi© battery, this belt sander is capable of sanding up to one and a half doors in a single charge.

The 3 position front handle gives added control and versatility, ensuring this sander can reach into tight spaces. The R18BS can remove up to 700g of material per hour; making this ideal to sand your doors, tables and other large areas. Further to this, the sander comes with a dust bag to help keep the work area clean and tidy. Designed to be easy to use, the sander has a tool-free lever for fast and convenient belt fitting.

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18V Cordless Planer - R18PL-0

With an adjustable cutting depth of up to 1.6mm and an 82mm planing width, the R18PL is ideal for trimming doors or windows and thicknessing large areas. This planer comes with 2 reversible blades, so if the blade gets damaged whilst you’re working, simply use the on-board tool to reverse the blade, and continue to plane.

The tool features GripZone™ overmold technology for increased comfort and an additional front handle for greater accuracy and control; ensuring you get a high quality finish every time.

Some of this planer’s other great features include; a durable planing base to help you guide the planer accurately across the work surface; a kickstand to protect your work piece when you put the planer down; and a dual chip exhaust allowing you to easily use the planer on both sides, whilst still neatly collecting the wood chips in the dust bag.

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18V Cordless Sheet Sander - R18SS4-0

Whether you're evening out a table top, shaving down corners or simply removing paint, you can guarantee a smooth finish with the new ONE+ sheet sander. The R18SS4 uses a quarter sheet base, that works with the majority of sandpapers, making it ideal for light to medium sanding applications.

The unit is simple to operate with a lock on switch meaning you don’t have to constantly squeeze the trigger. Cordless and lightweight, this tool is ideal for working both in and outdoors, and with a dust bag your workspace will remain clean and tidy during your sanding task.

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18V Cordless Trim Router - R18TR-0

Ideal for adding finishing touches to your woodworking projects, this lightweight trim router achieves speeds of up to 29,000 rpm and can cut up to 38mm deep. The R18TR comes with a 6mm and a 6.35mm collet, allowing you to use a whole range of router bits; leaving behind clean, profiled edges.

With a fine adjustment dial to ensure precise depth control and an LED light to provide great visibility for your work area, the R18TR makes light work of the trickiest trimming and routing projects.

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18V Cordless Multi Tool – R18MT-0

As one of the most versatile tools on the market, the R18MT can complete a range of applications including cutting, sanding, paint scraping and grout removal.

With a compact design and 4 position pivoting head, this multi-tool allows users to work in awkward, hard- to-reach places. Furthermore, a 3.2 degree oscillation and 6 position variable speed wheel provides ultimate control when cutting into not only wood but a range of other materials including plastic, metal and drywall.

This innovative tool comes with a variety of accessories; a flush cutting blade for cutting right up to edges, a plunge cutting blade, sanding pad and universal accessory adaptor; making this tool compatible with any brand of accessories.

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