The NEW R18IW3: The Most Powerful ONE+ Impact Wrench ever!

The ONE+ system – where 1 battery powers over 40 power and garden tools – is a system user’s trust to always deliver the latest technology and innovations to their existing battery platform! A new 3 speed 18V Impact Wrench is the latest addition to the range, offering DIY’ers even more flexibility!

All ONE+ tools are powered by the same 18V battery platform, which makes for an incredibly versatile selection of tools. Whether you need to change a tyre, mow your lawn or fit a shelf, Ryobi has you covered!

The new 18V Impact Wrench delivers extreme power with little reactionary feedback through the handle. What’s more Ryobi has combined the most powerful wrench with ingeniuous 3 speed control to unlock a whole range of compatible applications.

  • Extreme Torque of 400Nm
  • 1/2” Square Drive with locking pin for easy socket fitment
  • 3 Different speed controls for a variety of applications

That’s why the ONE+ system is the #1 cordless system in the DIY market for millions of DIY’ers, families and homeowners! Ryobi® understands the need for flexibility at affordable prices and that’s why they keep expanding their cordless range without the need of new batteries and chargers.

18V Impact Wrench

Impact Wrenches are designed to deliver high torque output in order to quickly tighten or remove heavy duty fasteners. Impact Wrenches are the tool your turn to when you want to drive heavy duty fixings, or when a nut is just wound too tightly in place. In other instances the screw head may be so stripped that a regular wrench can’t get a good grip. Regardless of the reason, the impact wrench allows you to bring additional force and grip to a hard-to-turn bolt.

The impact mechanism in the wrench takes all the effort out of the job. When the motor alone can’t move the bolt the impact mechanism engages, releasing short bursts of high torque impacts tightening fixings or indeed to rattle loose even the most stubborn bolts.

The NEW Impact Wrench is able to output extreme 400Nm of power and, for added flexibility, it comes with 3 different speeds to choose from. By reducing the speed you also reduce the power of the impact mechanism making this the most versatile Wrench in the consumer market.

  • Mode 3: for maximum performance for the toughest applications
  • Mode 2: for added control which helps prevent damage to fasteners and materials
  • Mode 1: for precision work, snugging up wheel nuts and driving screws

This is Ryobi’s most powerful Impact Wrench yet and there’s no need to worry about runtime either! Fit up to 100 wheels per charge when combined with Ryobi’s high capacity Lithium+ 4.0Ah Battery Pack. This means you can easily remove and fit all 4 wheels in one go – without being tied down to a pneumatic compressor.

Other Features

A Tri-Beam LED Lights eliminate shadows on bits and fasteners so you can work with great visibility even in the darkest work areas. The NEW Impact Wrench includes a ½” square drive with locking pin for easy socket fitment and includes a ¼” hex adapter to fit all the most common screw driver bits.

ONE+ System

Ryobi’s new Impact Wrench is the latest addition to the ONE+ System. Sold as a bare unit (R18IW3-0) you can expand your ONE+ System or join the family with one of our Lithium+ batteries Starter Kits. Choose over 40 different power and garden tools and power them with the same Lithium+ battery. 


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RYOBI® power tools are backed by the RYOBI® 2-year warranty.

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