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RYOBI Phone Works Infrared Thermometer & App

Measure and record surface temperatures with more confidence and functionality than ever before. The RYOBI Phone Works mobile app and Infrared Thermometer device provide new mobile innovation to turn your phone into a smart Infrared Thermometer.

  • Measures temperatures between -30°C and 350°C
  • Tracks surface temperatures in real time
  • Displays images with digital temperature read-outs from your smartphone screen

Project Uses

  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Check Door and Window Seals
  • Measure AC/Heat Output
  • Maintenance and Repair

Real Time Tracking

The RYOBI Phone Works system harnesses your smartphone’s technology to take temperature measurements between -30°C and 350°C in real time, and switch easily between Celsius/Fahrenheit readings. 

Measure and record surface temperatures with more confidence and functionality

Controlling Functions

All functions are controlled from your phone screen where the free app displays an image of your test surface and digital temperature read-outs.

Enhanced by the RYOBI Phone Works App

The app also allows you to capture high-definition images and videos, share readings through email and social networks, and file temperature data for future reference.

Now’s the time to upgrade. No more temporary read outs or handwritten notes to collect. Get temperature measurements with more functionality and confidence with the RYOBI Phone Works System.

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