Top 10 Tools You Need For Your Car

Every car owner should have basic car maintenance knowledge. From knowing how to check your oil levels to being able to change a tyre, there’s so much more to owning a car than just driving. Whether you’re looking to update your car maintenance tool kit or just doing some research, Ryobi have put together a list of essential car maintenance  tools.

1. Cordless Impact Wrench

A cordless impact wrench is a must for any car maintenance toolbox. Mainly used for quickly loosening lug nuts from cars, they’re also incredibly useful when it comes to changing oil or spark plugs and can even be used to maintain the brakes and suspension system. While the majority of wrenches are hand-held, an electric wrench is a speedy way to get the job done, and takes less effort.

Our favourite cordless impact wrench is the 18V cordless brushless impact wrench with One+ battery. This wrench delivers up 270Nm of torque with little reactionary feedback through the handle, meaning you won’t feel that kick-back!


2. Cordless Soldering Iron

If you plan on modifying your car or changing the electrical system, you’ll need a soldering iron. We recommend a cordless soldering iron, as there are no wires to damage or trip over. Whether you want to put in auxiliary lights, a new radio or you’re undertaking a routine repair, a heat gun will make splicing wires together so much easier.

If you’re after an easy to use, durable soldering iron, then try the 18V cordless soldering Iron R18SOI-0. This iron heats up to 480°C in just 50 seconds, and is compatible with our One+ lithium battery.


3. Cordless Inflator

A cordless inflator is a great tool to have in your car maintenance toolkit, and should be in your car at all times (you’ll thank us later). Tyre inflators and pumps are a lifesaver when it comes to flat tyres and sorting out tyre pressure. You should check your tyres once a month and before a long journey. On average tyres lose 1-3 psi a month - your tyre pressure should sit around 30-35 PSI.

Looking for a cordless tyre inflator? Our 18V cordless high pressure inflator inflates a car tyre to 32PSI in just two minutes. The 50cm hose allows for flexible reach, and it can be used with our innovative One+ Lithium battery system.


4. Handheld Buffer

Every mechanic and car aficionado should have a cordless buffer in their car tool kit. Ideal for giving your car that sleek, shiny look, handheld buffers helps to maintain the paintwork on the vehicle whilst removing any nicks, marks or surface scratches. If you’re thinking about using a buffer on your car, you should use one that doesn’t leave any streaking or swirls behind.

Buffing a vehicle is no easy feat - it takes precision, effort and energy. Our 18V cordless buffer features a 254mm buffing applicator and bonnet - perfect for doing the job quickly. Alongside this, the crescent shaped handles make it easy for you to reach the more challenging areas of your car or van.


5. Hand Vacuum

While a hand vacuum isn’t necessarily a ‘tool’, it is crucial for keeping your car clean and dirt-free. Cordless and handfree vacuums remove any stray crumbs, dried mud, pet hair and whatever else you find on the seats and in the footwells of your car. They also get into the more difficult, hard-to-reach spaces, such as the compartments in the doors and under the seats.

If you want a vacuum that will get into the nooks and crannies of your car whilst maintaining power, our 18V cordless handheld vacuum will do the trick. Compatible with our One+ lithium battery, it’s easy to use and provides powerful suction.


6. Spotlight

If you’re unable to work on your car during the daylight or your garage isn’t well lit, you’ll need a Spotlight so that you have a clear view of what you’re doing. You should also always carry a Spotlight or torch in the car at all times incase of a breakdown.

If you want a freestanding light that you can move around with ease whilst working on your car, then we recommend the 18V cordless folding area light. Boasting 20 high power LEDs, this flashlight emits up to 850 lumens for use at a distance of up to four metres


7. In-Car Battery Charger

An in-car battery charger is a great way to keep on top of the charge in your power tools so that you can use them when you want. Afterall, what use are your automotive tools to you if they don’t have enough charge in them? An in-car charger is great for charging your tools on the go - wherever you are, you can rest assured that you’ll have enough power.

Our 18V ONE+ in-car charger plugs straight into the vehicle's 12V DC outlet, and is compatible with all our ONE+ 18V Lithium+ batteries. The battery’s temperature and voltage is checked through Intelligent Condition Monitoring, ensuring your safety.


8. Cordless Screwdriver

Another essential for the automotive toolkit is an electric screwdriver. Cordless electric screwdrivers ideal for loosening and removing a range of different screws. You should opt for a driver with different length shafts so that you can remove buried or hard to find screws.

Our 4V cordless screwdriver comes with 12 torque settings and is a must for any car maintenance kit. The integrated LED lighting makes it easy to find and remove screws in ill-lit places, and the GripZone™ over mould offers comfort for your hand.

9. Oil funnel

Every car owner should have an oil funnel in their toolkit. Even the most steady-handed person should pour oil using a funnel, otherwise, you’re at risk of spilling oil all over the engine block. Not only will this dirty your engine - it will stink of burning oil after the car warms up. You can pick up an oil funnel from eBay for as little as £1, and they’ll make your life so much easier.

10. Hand sanitizer

While not technically a tool, for those working on their cars, having access to hand sanitizer and disinfectant is a must. You might think that gloves will protect you from getting dirty, but car maintenance is messy work. Having some hand washing solution nearby will help keep the germs at bay!