How to make a magnetic wooden board

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Magnetic wooden board

We’ve finally found a use for that beautiful piece of wood you’ve got lying around, which will be great for keeping track of keys, screws and other odd magnetic bits.  A good-looking addition to a shed, garage or hallway, that’s quick & fun to make.


• Piece of reclaimed / drift wood

• Strong magnets (we chose 20mm x 10mm)

• Strong multi-purpose glue e.g. (epoxy glue or hot glue) OR scrap timber

• Screws

• Picture mounting kit



• Self-feed bit, 25mm

Optional: Hole saw, 32mm (internal diameter should be 25mm)

Optional: Hammer

Optional: Chisel

• Tape measure

• Pencil

• Safety glasses



Makes one magnetic board, the size of your piece of wood.


1. Decide how many magnetic spots you want for your piece of wood, depending on its size (ours worked well with five magnets at 15cm intervals).  On the reverse side of the wood, measure & mark a center line along the length, then mark regular intervals for your magnets.  

2. Clamp the piece of wood to your bench reverse side up, then use your drill with the self-feed bit to slowly & carefully make your first hole.  Once your drill has gone about half way through the wood, stop & remove the feeding screw (we don’t want the feeding screw to go through to the front of your wood), then continue your cut in the same hole until you’re approx. 3 – 5mm from the front of your wood. TIP: It can be helpful to mark the desired maximum depth of the hole on the drill bit with some insulating or masking tape.


Repeat this step for all the magnet holes.


3. Now comes the optional part – to hold the magnets in holes, you can either apply glue around the sides of the magnets & insert into the holes, or make some wooden plugs to secure them.


To make your own plugs, use a hole saw to cut circular pieces from some scrap timber.  Next, place the magnet in the hole and cover with the plug.  Hammer the plug in, then use a chisel to remove any excess so your board sits flat against the wall.  Drive in one screw to the side of each plug to ensure it stays put.


3. Screw in the mounting system to the back of the wood and hang your new magnetic board onto the wall. 


Now you’re finished, you’re obviously going to have to test it out by trying every metal object you can find on it.

Important safety info: Always use appropriate safety equipment for the tools & processes you’re using.


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