The Essential Toolkit for Any Gardener

The Essential Toolkit for Any Gardener

Every gardener is proud of their toolkit. With so many options on the market available as  technology continues to innovate, it is easy to get carried away and buy lots of tools to fill out  the shed. With such impulse purchasing, experienced and beginner gardeners could end up  out of pocket with a lot of unused tools. Instead, you should look at buying just the essential  gardening tools.  

Every gardener shouldn’t be without the basic gardening tools. Items such as:  

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Digging spades
  • Hand trowels (or Hori Hori)
  • Hand forks
  • Garden forks
  • Garden rakes
  • Garden hoes
  • Garden knife

However, there are essential gardening tools that can really enhance your toolkit and help you keep the garden looking splendid all year round.

Garden Gloves

Gardening is a wonderful hobby but it isn’t without its dangers. Without the right pair of gardening gloves​, your hands can be pierced by thorns in no time at all. You should purchase a pair that isn’t too bulky but are durable enough to the rigours of gardening.

Lawn Mowers

For any home with a lawn, a ​lawn mower is an essential tool. Whether you want a cordless or petrol mower, there are plenty on the market available in a range of shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your lawn, you can choose a deck size of 33cm up to 53cm to house all those grass cuttings for easy disposal.                            

Grass Trimmers

After the lawn has been mowed, every gardener needs a ​grass trimmer to add that perfect finish. A grass trimmer or ​brush cutter can easily tackle any overgrown grass and even small branches. With long bodies and ergonomic handles, it is all about finding the right size that is comfortable for you. You can also choose between an electric, hybrid or petrol model.

Hedge Trimmers

A hedge requires the right tool to keep it precisely pruned for neat and evenly trimmed finishes. A hedge trimmer comes in a variety of blade sizes, capacities and trimmer lengths to suit any type of garden. Whether you need a 45cm blade or something as long as 65cm, there is a hedge trimmer available for you. Long handled options will help you get to hard-to-reach places. Consider having a Hedge Sweep attachment if you need easy and convenient clipping.

Tree Cutters

A selection of ​tree cutting equipment should be in every gardener’s shed. A ​chainsaw can make light work of logs, thick branches and hedges to cut everything back to the size you want. Once you have the right length, you can use a ​lopper or ​pruning shears to effortlessly cut branches giving your trees and shrubs the perfect finish.

Log Splitters and Shredders

Once your cutting and pruning has been completed, there needs to be a place for you turn your trimmings into waste. ​Log splitters and shredders offer an essential option for any gardener, as they can shred branches, brambles and shrubs into fine mulch - you can also transport them around the garden with ease.

Leaf Blowers

During Autumn, the leaves fall off the trees and spread themselves across your garden. A leaf rake can get the job done, but it can be tiring. To ensure that you can remove them all from your garden effectively, a ​leaf blower is needed. A jet blower can cover a huge range and send leaves on their way. Perhaps you would prefer a backpack blower that can switch seamlessly between blower and vacuum mode. Whichever leaf blower you need, it is a must have garden tool.

Pressure Washers

The garden is a place to relax after a long day at work. It is also a great place to take in the sunshine during summer and to entertain guests all year round. The patio needs regular cleaning because of the changing elements throughout the year. A​pressure washer can keep this clean. Not only can a pressure washer keep your patio refreshed but it also can remove grime and stains from decking, stone paths and driveways.

Weed Sprayer

You might have washed your patio but the biggest annoyance for any gardener is removing weeds. Fight the battle against weeds with a​cordless weed sprayer. The 3.5L tank will ensure that you can cover anywhere in your garden where weeds have popped up. All of the above tools are available from Ryobi for affordable prices. Our innovative One+ battery system will keep all of your tools powered. Our petrol alternative 36V heavy duty battery will allow you to look after your garden using tools with the same battery. Browse our ​power tools​, ​garden tools and ​accessories and find the essentials for your home today.